Information Security Solutions

We offer solutions to ensure a high level of protection of IT infrastructure against threats in the field of information security breaches.
We offer the following solutions:
  • Multi-factor authentication systems and digital signatures, using various means of additional authentication factor.
  • Encryption of data.
  • Anti-malware and unwanted e-mail protection systems: anti-virus and anti-spam protection systems.
  • Database protection.

We can ensure total compliance with all available regulatory requirements of Russian Federation and any level of certification for creation of systems in the field of information security. Our company has a valid Federal Security Service (FSB) license to work with information that constitutes a state secret.

To provide multi-factor authentication by token and to implement electronic digital signature (EDS) mechanisms we offer solutions based on Microsoft PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), supplemented by JaCarta and JaCarta Management System from Russian manufacturer «Aladdin RD». The same solution provides the ability to apply data encryption technologies, including using encryption algorithms in accordance with GOST National Standard.

To meet the challenges of multi-factor authentication, we can also offer:

  • Authentication by SMS-passwords or key images based on Swivel solutions.
  • Authentication by the user's face involving own solutions in the field of video analytics.

For antivirus protection of network perimeter, we offer solutions based on the software of leading Russian manufacturer - Kaspersky Endpoint Security. For comprehensive protection of the Microsoft Exchange mail system, we propose setting up the built-in anti-spam protection, complemented by Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange Servers.

To resolve specific problems of protection of important data, we offer a specialized solution by «Aladdin RD» company - Crypto DataBase.

The implementation of this solution allows to ensure transparent data encryption for users and applications in Oracle, Microsoft SQL and Tibero database management systems, which are designed to protect databases from being stolen or subverted, including employees of IT departments.