IT consulting

Independent evaluation of individual projects or processes of IT in general, development planning, implementation of management and operation methodologies or documentation of IT infrastructure. We propose to use the vast experience of our specialists in standardization, methodological support and tuning of key IT infrastructure operation processes, as well as provision of their documentary support.

Information infrastructure

The basic set of IT services required for the operation of modern business are: servers, networks, data warehouses, mail systems, virtual desktops, etc. Our experience allows us to introduce and modernize information infrastructure components of any complexity, from the server cabinet to the hybrid cloud.

Data processing centers

A reliable data center and data warehouse with all necessary engineering infrastructure - guaranteed power supply, cooling, fire suppression, physical protection, etc. We can offer solutions of different levels in accordance with your requirements: from a simple platform for several applications to the totally protected rooms with distributed metroclusters and remote replication of data.

Support, service and outsourcing of IT

Full support for remote and representative offices, organization of a single competence center for service contracts, support of complex systems and many more options to optimize your IT support costs. Our company has the widest regional network of partners and can solve any problem in the field of support, maintenance and outsourcing of IT infrastructure throughout Russia.

IT Asset Management

The main purpose of IT assets management is to resolve issues of physical accounting, financial control and contractual obligations related to IT assets throughout the life cycle. Global Service Group company has developed a system for automation of IT services for large companies regarding management of IT assets 1C: Alfa ITAM (IT ASSET MANAGEMENT).

Video analytics

Video authentication, face and subject recognition, behavioral analysis, industrial safety aspects control, aerial photography data processing and many other variations of video analytics. We offer a wide range of unique solutions of our own design, which surpasses competitive products in a variety of parameters.

Information security

Protection against threats of data embezzlement and intrusion into secure networks, creation of secure publication schemes containing personal data and commercial secrets. We offer customized solutions based on certified products of domestic and foreign manufacturers considering the requirements of state standards and regulators.


We propose the development of an individual software product that meets your needs in order to resolve specific business problems. Our team of specialists ensures the full cycle of software development, from the formation of task before launch and support of the ready-made product.