IT Asset Management

Global Service Group has developed a system for automation of IT services of a large company in the management of IT assets of the GSG Alfa ITAM (IT ASSET MANAGEMENT).

The purpose of managing of IT assets is to resolve issues of physical accounting, financial control and contractual obligations related to IT assets throughout the life cycle.
ITAM deals with such tasks:
  • Managing the portfolio of IT assets (inventory of IT assets, linking of assets to users, maintenance, upgrades, etc.).
  • Management of procurement of IT assets (planning requirements, based on accumulated information and data from monitoring systems).
  • Management of contracts (deposition of scans of contracts, monitoring the fulfillment of contract terms, deposition of scans of acts, invoices, etc.).
  • Cost management (accounting for both Investment and Operational Costs, planning and tracking of budget execution, calculation of the cost of IT services).
  • Software Asset Management (SAM).
The system implements the full life cycle of IT assets:
  • Acquisition: procurement planning and budgeting, acquisition and delivery of IT assets, integration of the system with company's accounting system, mapping of inventory numbers and serial numbers of IT assets.
  • Change management: upgrading, repairing, replacing, moving of IT assets, monitoring the status of IT assets through integration with existing monitoring systems or direct monitoring through WMI and SMNP.
  • Decommissioning: decommissioning and reuse of IT assets.

Monitoring and managing systems allow clients to assess the impact of infrastructure performance on the core activities of an enterprise and optimize the use of IT resources of the enterprise.

Platforms used:

  • VMware vCenter
  • VMware vCloud Director
  • Citrix Edge Sight
  • VeeamReporter
  • VeeamMonitor
  • Veeam nWorks
  • Microsoft System Center
  • Quest Software