IT consulting

In addition to services of implementation of specific solutions and the implementation of individual systems, the qualification of our specialists allows us to provide comprehensive services in the field of IT consulting. Our specialists have extensive experience in providing services in the field of IT consulting.
Areas of IT consulting:
  • Examination and technical audit of IT infrastructure, including examination for compliance with corporate or industry standards and best world practices.
  • Development of drafts and visions for the implementation of complex solutions, technical tasks for the implementation of systems and solutions, technical and economic justification for solutions, selection of equipment and software.
  • Development of concepts and plans, planning of roadmaps for the development and modernization of IT infrastructure.
  • Revision and optimization of projects or technical solutions submitted by the Customer.
  • Construction supervision services together with the conduct of authors’ supervision during installation and commissioning works.
  • Localization of narrow and potentially problematic areas of IT, proposals for their elimination.
  • Development of disaster recovery plans (DRP) for individual business services and IT infrastructure in general.
  • Development of company's technical policy and of the system of corporate technical and operational documentation in the field of IT.
  • Preparation of technical documentation - both project and operational, of any degree of detailing, from brief instructions for technical specialists to strict compliance with GOST (National Standard) and ESKD (Unified System of Construction Documentation) standards; certification of existing systems, development of regulations for personnel or users etc.