Information infrastructure

Reliable infrastructure, that will ensure the continuous operation of IT services which are vital for business, is needed for the proper functioning of every company.
Main criteria for choosing the solution:
  • Required level of fault and disaster tolerance
  • Productivity indicators
  • Opportunities for effective management
  • Safety requirements
  • Possibilities of development, modernization and scaling of systems
We provide services in designing, implementing, tuning, servicing and upgrading IT infrastructure systems and its individual components.
IT infrastructure components:
  • Server infrastructure and virtualization systems
  • Storage and backup systems
  • Integrated telecommunication solutions
  • Systems of monitoring and management of IT infrastructure (management of IT assets)
  • Private and hybrid cloud solutions
  • Terminal access systems, application and virtual desktop publishing
  • Basic IT infrastructure systems - directory services, mail systems, unified communications systems, database management systems, file servers, centralized print management infrastructure, anti-virus and anti-spam protection
  • Engineering systems of buildings and data centers

Within the framework of projects on building and upgrading server infrastructure, our specialists audit existing systems, evaluate project workload, select control and protection means and plan data backup.

We are to offer the most advanced solutions in the field of building a software-defined hyperconvergent server infrastructure, taking into consideration the required reliability and performance indicators, available server capacities, development plans and corporate standards. To protect the investments during planning decisions, we take into account the plans and roadmaps for the development of server equipment by vendors, offering solutions with the maximum declared lifetime on the market. Our specialists have a wide competence in server equipment, produced by HPE, Lenovo, Huawei.

To create an easily manageable, affordable and stable server system we use virtualization technologies, that allow to create a set of separate and independent servers - virtual machines - on a single physical server. Virtual machines create an environment in which a single physical server can run multiple operating systems in the form of virtual machines, which optimize the use of IT equipment.

The leaders on virtualization market are VMware and Microsoft, and that is why our engineers obtain wide experience in working with products such as:

  • systems of solutions for building corporate virtualization systems, such as VMware, vSphere and Cloud Foundation, Microsoft Hyper-V
  • virtual environment management systems, such as VMware, vSphere with Operations Management, Microsoft System Center.

Storage systems consist of software and hardware for the organization of secure data storage and guaranteed access to them. They must provide fault tolerance, the required speed of data recovery, the necessary performance and data consistency.

To ensure data integrity in case of failures and errors, we offer different scenarios for data backup: from classic tape drives to specialized solutions based on disk storage. If you have high requirements for the reliability of the backup system, we have a solution: we offer multi-level storage of backups using fast intermediate storage systems with further movement of backups to slower carriers, with the provision of transfer of backup data to reserved data centers. It is made to assure minimum parameters of RTO and RPO (speed and permissible depth of data rollback during recovery) and to minimize the backup window.

As a backup software, we use Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5, Symantec Backup Exec, Microsoft DPM solutions.

Our experts have gained experience in working with storage systems and backup storages from cooperation with leading manufacturers: HPE, IBM / Lenovo, EMC Huawei, NetApp. They know how to deal with every kind of storage: from simple disk repositories and tape libraries to modern flash drives. We can also offer programmatically defined storage systems based on VMware vSAN software.

Global Service Group offers solutions for the organization of geographically distributed corporate networks starting from design and ending with project implementation, using VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology.

To create a unified data center network, we use solutions supporting Ethernet 10Gb / s, FCoE, FC and Infiniband protocols, high-speed Ethernet networks up to 400 Gb / s and convergent solutions.

We use the solutions of the world's leading manufacturers: Cisco, HPE, Mellanox, Allied Telesis Extreame Network, Juniper Networks, NetGear.

We can also offer systems for compaction and optimization of traffic based on solutions from Riverbad.

We can offer different scenarios for implementing cloud solutions in accordance with Clients’ requirements - from transfer of Customer's resources to reliable public cloud environments produced by world's leading providers, to the creation of a private cloud inside own IT infrastructure with connection to public clouds for separate tasks (hybrid cloud) if necessary.

We will design and organize the migration of physical infrastructure to the cloud environment, with special attention to the means of ensuring the security and reliability of services that are moved to the cloud.

We offer solutions from Microsoft and VMware as providers of public cloud technologies - clouds from Microsoft Azure and partners of the VMware Cloud Foundation.

To unify and reduce the costs of managing user workstations, as well as to standardize the configuration of personal computers and to perform minimization, we can offer a full range of modern solutions for the delivery of applications and virtualization of user workstations. Using these solutions, we can ensure:

  • Secure access to corporate applications and desktops from external networks;
  • Access to corporate applications on other sites and/or in isolated segments of the corporate network;
  • Publish applications for users without the need to install client software in the workplace;
  • Refrain from personal computers and transition to another clients without the need to install and update operating systems and applications for users, saving local data in user profiles and adjusting individual settings in the virtual workplace.

Our specialists are ready to design and implement solutions based on Microsoft and VMware Horizon technologies. As hardware for virtual workstations, we offer solutions from IT market technological leaders - Dell Wyse and HP.

The basic IT infrastructure includes services that provide user authentication and data protection, as well as providing necessary tools for collaboration - directory services, mail systems, unified communications systems, database management systems, file servers, centralized print management infrastructure, antivirus and anti-spam protection.

We are ready to design, implement, modernize, transfer data and users for the systems of basic IT infrastructure of the enterprise:

  • «Microsoft Active Directory» directory services, including restructuring of the domain structure, centralizing and sharing of the resources, upgrading the versions of system software.
  • Mail systems and unified communication systems based on Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Skype for Business, including migration from older versions of software, restructuring of mail systems, integration with telephony and video conferencing systems and migration of data from mail systems of other manufacturers.
  • Database management systems «Microsoft SQL Server», improvement of performance and provision of various database failover schemes.
  • File servers, including the creation of distributed file resource directories and the introduction of file server access control tools.
  • Infrastructure for centralized management of corporate printing, including systems for authentication of users on printing devices.
  • Solutions for multi-factor authentication of users, anti-virus and anti-spam protection (information security solutions).

Services for construction of engineering systems offered by our Company include:

  • examination of engineering infrastructure;
  • development of the concept of facility infrastructure and technical and economic basis of the project
  • design of engineering systems
  • installation and commissioning of equipment
  • manufacturing of panel equipment and automation cabinets
  • integration of engineering systems into a single building management system
  • delivery of the entire engineering complex to the selection committee
  • certification of engineering systems, receipt of Structure Cable Systems certificate etc.

Partners in the field of engineering systems: Schneider Electric, Rittal, Legrand, Delta Energy Systems, Delta controls, Johnson controls, SYSTIMAX, OBO Bettermann, BOLID, Conteg, Telegartner, AMP, Hyperline.